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All chats listed here are located on the server irc.sorcery.net. For instructions on how to connect, please refer to Help:IRC.


The IRC channel #almea is an place whose denizens are referred to as #almeans. The channel was named after the conworld.

The #almea of yore

From the founding in 2003 until the Schism of 2006 (see #isharia section below), all the activity of the modern channels #almea, #isharia, and #erelae was housed in a single channel, called #almea. Eventually this channel's proneness to factionization and drama, exacerbated by the ever growing population, resulted in the Schism. The channels #almea, #isharia, and #erelae, together, share quite a bit of history. Someday somebody is going to have to write up a lengthy account of it all. In the meantime, there is a brief chronology of server changes and founder changes.

While some minor and silly arguments have occurred over which channel deserves to call itself the "rightful" successor to the long-dead original #almea, these seem to have passed. The original channel was famed for its group masturbation sessions. Well, it happened at least once, anyway.

The modern channel

As of this writing it is not known to the author whether #almea is currently an extant channel, beyond the fact that it's registered.


The channel #isharia was formed in early 2006 in response to demands for an overhaul of channel policy. Styling itself as the successor to the previous #almea channel, which at the time was declared dead, its name was taken from a mythological afterlife in Mark Rosenfelder's conworld Almea. The channel founder is either Dewrad or Radius (they occasionally pass it back and forth between each other), and the current ops are Neek, MUBA, Cctoide, and Brel. At any given time there are typically between fifteen and thirty #isharians connected to the channel, and highs of over thirty-five users have been reached.

A founding principle of #isharia was to create a safe haven for those who wish to chat free of disruption caused by spam or drama. The result of this was the permanent banning of several persistantly disruptive people in order to provide such an environment. Aside from this select few, the policy of #isharia has always been that there are no other permanent bannings, only temporary. The most that a common user can expect is an hour-long banning for offenses such as flooding. The total number of permanent bans on the #isharia banlist is four: Io, MrSaturday, Feijuada, and Ren.

As #isharia shares a large segment of its population with #erelae, lulls may occur in either channels if the other is especially active. Other than this, #isharia remains active throughout the day and night.


  1. erelae, in its current incarnation, is another offshoot from #almea and #isharia registered by goneriku on 31 October 2006 at 2:14:33 AM CST. His stated intention for #erelae is that it be, "Basically #almea, but a bit better behaved and without Sam." The current founder is goneriku; the only op is Feijuada; and the halfops are Brel, Kanaso, Rainer, and vortux. After initially slow growth, #erelae has met with some success, and several former denizens of #almea have moved to #erelae completely. The channel is occasionally subject to +G (censorship), which is temporarily strictly enforced by goneriku but widely opposed by other users in the channel.

Ancillary channels

Aside from the Big Three channels mentioned above, there are a handful of side channels that come and go; some have had a semipermanent presence for years now. Most are private or invite-only and will not be mentioned here - you may be invited if and when appropriate.


  1. conlang is an ancilliary channel to #almea and then #isharia "run" by Cctoide. While it was supposed to be a more sane place to discuss conlangs back when #almea was the one channel and completely random most of the time, nowadays its only perusers are Cctoide himself and vortux along with a couple other lurkers. It once hosted a collaborative conlang project in which several #isharians participated; however, the channel quieted down and the project became dormant. The project has renewed, but the activity has been exclusively on the ZBB, leaving #conlang silent once again.

Also note that there is a #conlang channel present on the Freenode network. This channel is currently registered to Cctoide, however all of the regulars have op powers. The channel moved to Freenode from priscilla.ath.cx, a private IRC server, and its population consists mostly of perusers of CONLANG-L. The channel does not see as much activity as #isharia or #almea by virtue of being focused on the subject of conlangs. It is, however, more active than the #conlang that tags along with #isharia. On Unilang, the new home of the channels, both #conlang and #conlangs are present, but neither is registered to Cctoide.


Devoted to the theory and practice of music, this channel is frequented primarily by Miekko and Eddy with a few new members as of late. The channel covers a wide variety of musical idioms ranging from Baroque to jazz, with Eddy focusing on the classical genres and periods and Miekko handling jazz and rock. Often, however, the topics involved branch out into general issues concerning musical performance, history, and æsthetic principles. Sometimes, members simply prefer to discuss personal problems and philosophical questions unrelated to music.

Recent server move

After the Schism, all the above channels were housed on the Xelium.net IRC network. In response to Xelium's switch to a new XBL blacklist system for spammer control resulting in frequent bans of a number of users, the channel system upped stakes and moved to irc.unilang.org on April 22, 2007, and then to irc.sorcery.net on July 1, 2007. While most of the channel arrangement, op structures, etc. have passed to the new server intact, certain things have changed: MrSaturday is not banned from #erelae, and Cctoide does not own #conlang.


Wabi is an interjection used upon the return of someone who has previously departed for a brief period. It was first used in #almea, reputedly by Ngo, and has since been spreading slowly but surely to other communities. Perhaps its catchiness and ease of pronunciation can eventually carry it throughout the world.

A Latin form, vabīre, is also in use. Variants found elsewhere on IRC include "wibbies", "wibble", and other similar forms.

Wabi comes from wb, a common Internet abbreviation of the already common English greeting "welcome back." WB would normally be read aloud as "double-U B," but this is cumbersome and so the usual name for <W> is replaced by /wa/.