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Aspects of Conworlding

World building

Outside conlanging circles, the word conscript means "one who is drafted into military service". However, in the context of conworlding, the term usually refers to a script artificially devised for the world or language in question. Conscripts generally go hand in hand with a given conlang or set of conlangs, though some also take an interest in such scripts simply for their own sake.

The line between natural and constructed scripts is rather fuzzy compared to that between natlangs and conlangs. Many widely accepted scripts, such as Hangul and Glagolitic, were consciously created in a short period of time by individuals or small groups, technically making them conscripts. However, most conlangers restrict the term "conscript" primarily to writing systems intended for conlangs or fictional settings.


As with language construction, conscripts offer a wide range of possibilities for a creative artist. One may create an evolving script family that parallels the development of writing in real life or a futuristic script based on perfect regularity or anything in between. In practice, conscripts tend toward alphabets and syllabaries as they require far less characters than logographic scripts (which might force a creator to devise tens of thousands of symbols).

Notable conscripters

  • Sano