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Aspects of Conlanging

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Loglangs (or Loglans, logical languages) are a kind of constructed language designed to facilitate formal reasoning about statements. In principle most aim to eschew the syntactic ambiguity characteristic of natlangs and. Often they also serve as proposals for auxlangs as proponents argue their lack of ambiguity promotes more rational thinking. Some conlangers classify loglangs as part of a larger genre of "engineered languages" (or engelangs) distinguished from artlangs and ordinary auxlangs by their conscious engineered quality. Loglan and its descendant Lojban are examples of professional loglangs. However, some people create conlangs just for fun which are also loglangs.


Most languages classified as loglangs attempt to eliminate syntactic ambiguity by incorporating the principles of predicate logic into their syntax.

Notable Loglangs

Among the most famous loglangs is Lojban.

Recently, Ithkuil and its modified descendant Iklash have further developed the goals of unambiguous communication through their use of ultra-precise morphology. They stand out among conlangs for their sheer complexity and detail of morphology and phonology, which exceeds even typical kitchen-sink conlangs.