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The KneeQuickie is a wiki dedicated to first, and foremost, the hobby of conlanging and conworlding, operating as a place to store and share constructed languages and worlds and a source for linguistic material and inspiration written and described for the purpose of conlanging, and secondly as a wiki for the ZBB community and its respective chat rooms.

Neek hosts and operates at his own expense and effort the KneeQuickie Cycle, however sometimes requiring outside donation to operate. We are now hosted through HostGator, previously Serenity IS, who deserves accolades for tolerating this customer.

Design and Autonomy

The KneeQuickie is not truly a public wiki that anyone can edit. That is, the KneeQuickie Cycle is a Wikifiefdom. Registered users, referred to as Serfs, operate under the guidelines of this Wikifief. Wikipeers play the role of administrators and moderators. This site operates without advertisement or subscription, therefore users are free to register, create and edit articles, however their ability to create and edit articles may be restricted without warning if their contributions do not align with the purpose of the KneeQuickie.


The end result of this wiki is to allow authors of fictional languages and worlds a resource for their languages, to either post them on the internet without acquiring their own webspace, the ability to provide other conlangers with useful information regarding linguistics, all within a credible community in its own.

As the majority of authors and users (referred to as Serfs) are from the Zompist Bulletin Board, this wiki contains a secondary use. It should be noted that this is not the sole intent; anyone who makes the claim that the KQ is about the ZBB community is incorrect. It is only because the ZBB makes an integral part of this wiki's community that there is such a focus.


This wiki was originally founded as the ZBBWiki, the name was then changed to the KutjaraWiki. Both were ran by Spack. Spack no longer had the time or energy to run a wiki, and therefore Neek took over the website and has been hosting it faithfully since 2006.

KneeQuickie Cycle

  • KneeQuickie (Conlang and conworld community, linguist resource, and ZBB-community project)
  • KneeQuickie Dick (Wiki-based, conlang-oriented dictionary project)