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KneeQuickie is a utility that is dedicated to providing conlangers with access to linguistic information, and a framework in which to store and present their works. The KneeQuickie is privately run site, operating under hosting by SerenityIS at Neek's expense and, when necessary, through donations.

The KneeQuickie is not:

  • a scholarly journal. While the majority of our linguistic information is derived from verifiable and trusted sources, and it is the mind of all Wikipeers to keep information on this wiki as accurate as possible, the information provided is not viably sourced nor should be used as a source in the topic of formal papers. Obviously, this disclaimer can be ignored under the topics of, as these are primary works from authors.
  • a webhosting service. There is no explicit guarantee, being a privately operated and privately funded, that information on this site will remain indefinitely. Penguindeskjob, Neek, nor the KneeQuickie are held liable if any content becomes unavailable or unrecoverable. It is highly encouraged that you backup your data.
  • a free content provider. The main goal of this wiki is to provide conlangers with resources to post, discuss, and research linguistic materials. It is not, however, a source where excess material can be posted. If information is out of line with existing Amrabî, then there is a good chance it will be deleted.