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So Amrab
This page is an amrab (law) of the KneeQuickie wikifiefdom.
This policy is considered to be valid and accepted by posting on the KQ. Any Ninja or Wikipeer can enforce this policy.
  • Feel free to propose any amendments to this amrab. Before enforcing or acting upon any amendment, ensure that it has been accepted as a consensus by the wikipeers and the wikiserfs as well.
  • See the Amrab home page page for an overview of KneeQuickie laws.
  • See Policies for a list of proposed and accepted amrabî.

The Law

Amrab is a Verdurian word meaning law, or a code of laws. On the KneeQuickie, it refers to the codified set of rules and policies by which the Wiki is maintained, and also to the individual laws themselves. The amrabî exist as a means to organize and develop the content of the wiki with a set parameter. They provide a generic basis for how the site will add and update content, and also resolve disputes and create new, fun rules.


(NOM) Amrab Nomecei
The Law of Naming. How to title an articles. How to label a page about your language or world or a linguistic feature so that people will know what it is.
(CRIV) Amrab Crivecei
The Law of Writing. How to write different sorts of content, such as conworlds and conlangs or languages and linguistics.
(CUR) Amrab Curonecei
The Law of Editing. How to alter, fix, adjust, or expand on existing material. Where you should edit, where you shouldn't.
(DEP) Amrab Deprenecei
The Law of Deleting. How to enroll an article into a fabulous removal program! And how we get rid of them, too!
(SUR) Amrab Surkestië
The Law of Categories. How to store articles. Where to start certain articles. What guidelines exist for creating new categories.
(VAL) Amrab Valátei
The Law of Merit. How to rate articles. Which articles can be rated. To what scale are they rated.

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