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I shall now explain unto you what OTTER is.

  • Otters are mammals.
  • Otters PWNZ0R j00r m0th3r.
  • The purpose of Otters is to flip out and be cute.
  • In this they never fail. Otters are cute, quod erat demonstrandum.
  • In fact, otters are so cute that the universe keeps expanding because the cuteness of all the OTTERs there are in it doesn't fit its bounds. They're that cute.

  • The Latin word for otter is lutra. The Finnish verb stem lutra- means to splash a liquid around. This constitutes proof that anarcho-communism does in fact work.
  • The Japanese word for Otter is kawauso (カワウソ; the kanji is 獺). The etymology is that when you see an otter you immediately exclaim, “Kawa-”, but before you get to the "ii" part you realise that no words can describe the infinite cuteness of the OTTER, and thus you terminate your statement of cuteness in -uso! (bullshit), ashamed that you ever tried to put into words what ever lies beyond the ability of the human tongue to describe.
  • This is the only automated deduction software the world will ever need.


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