The Correspondence Library

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The Correspondence Library is a compilation of sound changes and cognates for a wide variety of languages as assembled by the ZBB community.

Symbols Used:

C = Any consonant
V = Any vowel
" = Stress
O = Any obstruent
S = Any stop/plosive
N = Any nasal
L = Any liquid
F = Any fricative
A = Any affricate
B = Any back vowel
E = Any front vowel
W = Any semivowel
0/Ø = No sound (null; zero)
# = Word boundary
! = Exceptions
$ = Syllable boundary
% = A syllable / One syllable away
* = Any phoneme

Correspondence Library Subpages

TCL/UralicTCL/Uto-AztecTCL/Vowel Shifts